Compensation Plan

Unaico Compensation Plan There are 3 income streams with the Unaico compensation plan: 1. A "Direct Personal Sales” commission. 2. A "Binary Plan” commission. 3. A "Matching Bonus”.
Direct Personal Sales commissions (DPS): 
As a Member, Bronze Member or Gold Member on all personally generated sales you will receive a 10% commission based on the Business Volume (BV) associated to the various products and services. There are no other requirements to be able to receive the DPS commissions.
Binary Plan commissions: 
On the total Business Volume (BV) generated in a business cycle (I week) in the "lesser leg” you will receive a 10% commission. One BV is equal to €1 commission. This weekly commission is capped at a maximum payout of €500 for a Member, €2.500 for a Bronze Member and €12.500 for a Gold Member. The "Active Status” is a part of the requirement to be eligible for Binary Bonus.
Lesser leg: The leg with the lowest sales volume within a calculation period (one week) of your 2 legged structure (Binary). 10% of this Business Volume (BV) is paid out weekly. The same amount of Business Volume (BV) will be deducted from your "Greater” leg (the leg with the higher Business Volume for the weekly period). Example: 10.000 BV in one week in your lesser leg x 10% = 1000BV = €1000 10.000 BV will be deducted from both the "Lesser” and "Greater” leg. If a Member reaches the weekly cap (maximum binary commission) all BV in both legs will be flushed (removed) and thus the next calculation period will start with zero BV. 
BV in the system that is older than 3 months (90 days) will be flushed automatically. When calculating the weekly commission the oldest Business Volume will always be counted first. See back-office report for when flushing occurs.
Active Status: 
On becoming a Member, Bronze Member or Gold Member you will be qualified for the following 4 weeks as an "ACTIVE MEMBER” i.e. with the active status. There is a personal 50 BV within a 4 weekly period "active status” requirement to be qualified for Binary and Matching bonus payments. This active status qualifies you for the following 4 weeks. This has been wavered until the official Launch next year.
Matching Bonus: 
As shown in the graphic below, qualified Members can receive a Matching Bonus on the Binary payments made to their personally sponsored Members, and theirs and theirs down to a maximum of 7 levels. The "Active Status” is a part of the requirement to be eligible for the "Matching Bonus”

Personally sponsor 2 Bronze/Gold (one left, one right) to qualify for 4 levels of MB Personally sponsor 4 Bronze/Gold (min. one in each leg) to qualify for 5 levels of MB Personally sponsor 6 Bronze/Gold (min. one in each leg) to qualify for 6 levels of MB Personally sponsor 10 Bronze/Gold (min. one in each leg) to qualify for 7 levels of MB There is a dynamic compression on the matching bonus.  
Important notice: 
75% of all commissions will be paid to your Main account and 25% to your Mandatory account.
Free Member: 
Is someone who has registered over the website absolutely free and with no obligation to doanything at anytime.They will receive a position in the Binary plan and have access to view the genealogy in a back office provided and to edit there personal details.
Is someone who has decided to purchase the "Business Pack” at a value of 149 BV.
Bronze Member: 
Is someone who is not yet a "Member” and personally accumulates/generates a minimum total of 500 BV. Or someone who has decided to purchase the "Upgrade Member to Bronze Package” valued at 500 BV. 
Gold Member: 
Is someone who is not yet a "Member” or Bronze Member and personally accumulates/generates a minimum total of 2000 BV. Or someone who has decided to purchase the "Upgrade Bronze to Gold Package” valued at 2000 BV.
TEAM LEADER BV 25.000 TEAM MANAGER BV 50.000 EXECUTIVE BV 100.000 SENIOR EXECUTIVE BV 250.000 Accumulated BV in lesser leg DIRECTOR BV 500.000 SENIOR DIRECTOR BV 1.000.000 VICE PRESIDENT BV 5.000.000 PRESIDENT BV 10.000.000 Stand: 16th January 2010 
  As a Free Member you will be eligible to receive a 5% bonus based on the BV generated from all your personally referred members to This is applicable regardless of the Membership level of those you have referred. This 5% will be accredited to the Free Member in form from sitetalk cash (STC) which can be utilised to purchase products and services within the web-shop or Member shop at any given time.   
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